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TikTok dials back teen ad targeting

Plus: How Reddit wants to get you in the conversation

Today’s Social Media advertising rates are a heat wave:

↘️ YOUTUBE: $2.76 CPM |  ↗️ META: $7.99 CPM | ↗️ TIKTOK: $4.38 CPM

In this week’s edition: 

  • 📺 TikTok dials back teen ad targeting

  • How Reddit wants to get you in the conversation 🔴

  • 🐛 Summer bug alert: You seen these?

But first…Sorry (not sorry) this week’s update is late. We’ve been busy getting the duck boats ready. ☘️ 

🎢  Whee?

TikTok’s parent company ByteDance has launched ‘Whee,’ which appears to be an Instagram clone that is available only outside the U.S.—for now. It features a photo viewfinder for taking and framing pictures, the ability to DM friends’ messages, and a feed of photos that users can scroll through to keep up to date with their friends. Currently, the app is only available in a handful of countries and is Android-only.

👍 Another reason to throw a parade: Meta ad scheduling is here—for Manual Sales, App, and Advantage+ Shopping! This feature allows you to schedule ads to start and end at specific times. According to Meta, “once your account gains access to these new features you can set schedules for new and existing ads as desired, however schedules are not required for ads to run.”

📈 Meta has announced the end of an era—specifically, the cheap-BLS era. Meta has increased the minimum ad spend for self-serve brand-lift studies from $30,000 to $120,000 in the US. That means the minimum to run a Meta self-serve BLS is now the same as managed-services. So why would anyone still run self-serve BLS? We still anticipate at least a few use-cases: 1) When you want to get a study executed quicker, without needing to rely on a Meta team. 2) When you want to keep consistency with your previous studies. 3) When your study doesn’t require customizations. 

🌱 In the weeds: Meta has changed its frequency controls within auction buys: Reach & ThruPlay can be set up with target frequency or a frequency cap. And Post Engagement, 2-Second View, and Ad Recall Lift frequency control options have been removed.

🕰️ TikTok is changing how advertisers can target 13-17 year-olds in the US as of July 1. For full details, the platform has a quick one-sheet explaining the new rules. TL;DR: you won’t be able to target using detailed targeting. Only location, device, and language will be possible.

Also now one-sheet-official: TikTok has added the ability to duplicate ads across multiple ad sets at a time! Also, pretty sure we’re the testers they’re quoting:

🔴 Reddit has updated its Conversation Page Ads, which is a valuable placement given that 47% of Reddit screenviews happen in the comments. They’ve updated the CTA buttons on carousels and increased the size of images and videos.

Reddit’s also testing a new ad placement “that lives seamlessly between individual comments in Reddit conversations.”

In related news: New brand safety controls are coming later this year.

📸 YouTube is testing serving ads directly embedded into video streams, which mirrors the look of the content, effectively bypassing ad-blockers and enhancing the visibility and effectiveness of campaigns. The move is part of a larger YouTube crackdown on ad-blocker software. Of course, YouTube isn’t against users turning off ads—so long as they do so by buying YouTube Premium.

🐞 Summer bug alert

🪰 Google is rolling out an update to attribution models in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to address an issue where conversions that should be attributed to paid search clicks were sometimes incorrectly assigned to organic search. This could have an impact on campaign budgets and spending. Google recommends reviewing and adjusting budget caps before the update rolls out over the next 1-2 weeks.

🪲 Meta is rolling out UI enhancements that might explain the recent uptick in bugs. The new filter experience will include 264 more metrics and a “quick views” option at the top of the reporting table.

🐘 The Elephant In the Room: Our weekly office poll!

This week at Cannes Lions, Elon Musk showed up at Cannes for a Q&A that produced our favorite Wall Street Journal headline of the month: “Elon Musk Pitches Advertisers on a Return to X, Months After Telling Some to ‘F’ Themselves.” As WSJ reported: “For advertisers who haven’t been on the platform but might be mulling a return, Musk said he believed it was ‘worth trying out.’” What do you think? Are advertisers ready to return to Twitter/X?

Are advertisers ready to return to Twitter/X?

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🛥️ Last week’s poll results: What will be the wildest party at Cannes Lions 2024?

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